Monday, January 30, 2012

Busta Rhymes "Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown" Official Music Video

In the music business you can't be soft. Your feelings can't get hurt. You can't be confused or bothered by something or someone. It's ok to ask questions but don't be a jerk or a pain. Step your game up or get it together if your weak minded. If I post something on your wall it's business not personal. If you don't want my business delete me. This is a social website open to the public. Lets stop acting ignorant with these social sites. Leave the streetss in the streets. Leave the politics to the government. Children need to stay in childrens place. Adults need to stay in an adults place. Lets get it in!!!!
I am a dj, promoter, and sound engeneer. You will see me post my mixes, songs from various indie artists, showcases for artists to get involved in. There is no playing around or goofing off on my facebook pages, twitter, google plus, or any other site I am on. I send many email blasts about what need to be known in the music business. I sleep 4 hours a night. I am music all day everyday. If you are not as serious as I am then delete yourself from my life. I am going higher and nobody can bring me down but God.
Linda McWright of Chicago Clark Park is helping to get the youth off the street by coordinating "The St. Patrick...