Monday, July 27, 2015

Apollo NIght LA

Much love goes out to Karen from @apollonightla I appreciate all the support that you let my artists come into the radio station tonight love you for that a whole lot I have nothing more to say but that I have nothing but much respect for you and my guys appreciate you too. As a matter fact all of my artist appreciate you and your show @fuckeazyone @duggy1dgd @ciscokiddwafom @officialbekoe @lilprada @producer_v @dee_carta and many more that I'm dealing with the names can go on forever but I'm only focus on the serious part what I'm doing out here everybody else stand in line watch my artist move. all of them. I guarantee you it's going to happen and that's no bullshit . So DJs pay attention to what I'm doing I making a change if you're not with me get behind because I'm going to leave everybody stuck in the past keep believing what you keep hearing I'm going to keep bringing nothing but the best music

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