Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#Bozzlay'dee #DONITHO

This particular artist goes by the name of Bozz Lay'dee she is a up-and-coming artists from Chicago Illinois Born & raised on the West side Town . As years went on she wanted to pursue her career and she bumped heads with DJ Freddy b heavy hitter . And I am taking her to the next level of her career please be on the lookout for her you can find more music on her through iTunes please click the link here and enjoy her brand-new single https://itun.es/us/q8EEcb     

Friday, July 22, 2016


#Virdiko #Wework  Library record pool Dem NaytchaBoyz brand-new single House Party . Getting ready to take Chicago young artists to the next level be on the lookout professional DJs this is one single you don't want to miss out on this a truly smashing hit single ( 2016 ) http://www.virdiko.com/album/house-party

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Get to Know Lavaud:
Born in Hackney, London, Lavaud was destined for the stage having been in the recording studio since she was 13 and singing since she was six. Lavaud’s family heritage comes from the island nation of Mauritius, a diverse background she credits much of her early musical development too. Her father, who played in the church band, used to teach Lavaud guitar and piano growing up. Poised to have a glimmering break out in 2016, Lavaud has been recognized by the UK MOBO’s Unsigned Committee as One to Watch 2016. For more contact info 

Stay connected to Lavaud on: 
For more information on Lavaud, please contact:
Derek Sherron / Kasturi Shan / Cheyenne Bean
derek@thechambergroup.com / kasturi@thechambergroup.com / cheyenne@thechambergroup.com

#brandnewsingle #OLA #BestThat #I'veFelt'.

Breaking bran new music and video DJs check out this brand-new artist she's hot and I am  extremely proud present this project To you guys please leave feedback. And also for bookings and DJ drops . For more information on O.L.A, please contact: 
Derek Sherron / Kasturi Shan / Cheyenne Bean
212.366.5801 http://www.popmatters.com/post/o.l.a-best-that-ive-felt-video-premiere/ derek@thechambergroup.com / kasturi@thechambergroup.com / cheyenne@thechambergroup.com      and for more info you can contact the name below . Enjoy this brand-new DJ package more coming soon

#Iamhousehead #Lovefest

You have been waiting now here's the time it is almost August the 13th it's about to go down #DJFreddybheavyhitter will be on the wheels of steel's at 10 AM early in the morning so get your lawn chairs ready while we bring you 12 hours of nonstop house music on the south side of #Chicago on 60th and stony Island so be there or be square

Monday, July 18, 2016

#DJFreddyBheavyhitter #Makingmoves

Good Morning world!!!! To all of our family, friends, fans, and clients that support me as a DJ and listen to him on every station he has been on we greatly appreciate you. We just want you to know that he is no longer with Hot 97 Media. This has become effective as of July 5, 2016. You are still welcome to listen to them if you want but you will not hear Djfreddyb Chitownoneandonly (‪#‎djfreddybheavyhitter‬) on that station. There will be a new station announcement when paperwork is finalized. When God closes one door he opens another. We thank God for His many blessings.