Thursday, November 22, 2018

#virdiko #Wework #TheRealDjfreddyB

Now available to all DJs today on virdiko . DJ's take a moment to enjoy the brand new hard hitting single by JUNYA BOY titled "WHIP SOME SICK". DJ Feedback Requested & Appreciated. Drops provided upon request.

When certain components are combined a variety of
things will happen, scientific facts proves the stronger the ingredients the bigger the impact of devastation will occur. As for instance when Dallas, Texas newest Urban Entertainer Junya Boy, pronounced (Ju-Your-Boy), arrived on the Local Music market scene less than a year ago, a super incredible explosion of artistic energy begin to generate throughout the south. This incredible sensation of talent is slowly but steadily seeping far beyond its prohibited underground predicated arenas. Newcomer Junya Boy, is one of the top bidding contenders for an excellent exhibit with his
versatile assemble of extraordinary features in Hip Hop while specializing in quality music composition,

delivering savvy lyrics and producing catchy hooks . You can only get the single from virdiko today

Friday, November 16, 2018

#TherRealDjFreddyb #illanoizeradio

Holy snaps I didn’t know that I was gonna give you guys this. So you know the slogan I’m going to turn it out one more time let’s get ready for a Nother #Saturday again in a major crazy, Way I will be playing #Artists in the #Mix like @therealtrulife @djholiday @quavohuncho @blocboy_jb @dutuk & @msaudreyvee and also @iamcardib in the #mix and also  #blazingnewmusicso . So make sure you Listen to us #Saturday right here on #illanoizeradio with #TheRealDjFreddyB@illanoize_ @illinoisjones88 @officialbekoe @prettyriot @illanoize_ #2018 🚨🚨#WatchMeWork 4PM to 5PM Central time on @iheartradio @tunein #download the #app now and check us out 🌎🎼🎶🎧 turn up with brand new music from one and only #TheRealDjFreddyB #Powerhourmix !!! And once again I told you . You never know what’s going to happen Next 👊🏾 about to blaze it up for #Saturday #Newschool #Music . #watchmework #therealdjfreddyb #takingoverthestreets . And I’m not playing around in this mix ok . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾🙌🏾 it’s going to be crazy the link below to check me out .